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Product Delivery 

How does deliver customer orders?

At present we have three methods for you to receive your products from (SHIP TO, Same Day (Pick Up or Door Dash), and SPLIT SHIP more information found below). Shipping is based on weight, our base rate applies to orders between 1-10lbs, orders over 10lbs will incur additional shipping charges. Maritime Beauty's Midland Courier base rate within Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island is $10.35. Our Midland courier base rate for Newfoundland (excludes Labrador) is $22.70. All orders issued via Door Dash's service are priced according to delivery distance with prices being subject to change.  

SHIP TO: Browse our entire product inventory. Significantly more products available in our warehouse than just our store offering. All products shipped from warehouse. Standard freights charges apply. See ship to delivery terms below. 

Delivery Terms:

Client orders are always a priority with Maritime Beauty Supply, and we continue to strive to provide you with the level of service and convenience that you have become accustomed to. Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days of receipt pending approval by the credit department.The standard delivery time is 1-3 business days following the shipment of your order from the warehouse.  Delivery times can vary and are subject to the shipping method chosen and client location. In case of unpredictable circumstance such as extreme weather events we cannot guarantee delivery times. Orders placed over the weekend via the online store will be processed the following business day. Orders placed during peak times, or during weeks with statutory holidays may ship 1-2 days later than noted above. If you have not received your order and it has been more than 3 business days since your order was submitted, please contact customer service at 1 800 565 7721.

SAME DAY (Pick Up or Door Dash): Browse your preferred stores entire inventory. Select products to "Same Day" at preferred store. Pick Up In-Store is free of charge for all orders below 20 unique line items (a unique line item is every 1 unique product. For example, if you order 6 bottles of Redkens All Soft Shampoo 300ml, this would only count as 1 unique line. A $6.99 convenience fee exists for orders over 20 unique line items. Preparation time for a pick up order will be 90 minutes or less! Door Dash orders are a paid premium same day service, for more information on Door Dash review the terms & conditions below.

SPLIT SHIP: Looking for products both from your local preferred store and our warehouse? Create a Split-Ship order. Ship the warehouse only items directly to your place of business and pick-up the products available from your local preferred store at no charge. Freight rates may apply. Note, Door Dash orders are not available for split ship. 


Pick Up In Store FAQ 

How do I sign up to shop online?

On, you can sign up to shop online with us here. <>  If you are able to provide your MBS Member number and professional licence number on the form, this will speed up the approval process.

I received the message “my account has been locked” what do I do?

When you create a new account to shop at, and provide your professional credentials, your account is temporarily locked until a member of our online store Customer Service team can verify your account (this usually takes 1-2 business days). You will be notified by email when your account is unlocked and ready to use.

Can I complete an order for Pick Up In Store, and have other items shipped?

Yes, within one order, you can choose to have some items shipped to your location and some items to be picked up at your preferred store. 

How will I know when my Pick Up In Store order is ready? 

You will receive an email notification saying your order is ready to be picked up.  To avoid a long wait time, please do not arrive to your pick up location before you receive the email notification.

What timeframe can I expect my order to be ready?

During this time, we aim to fulfill orders to be picked up at store in 90 minutes after the order is placed, assuming the store is open. If an order is placed 90 minutes before close, it will be available for pick up the following day. If an order is placed after close, the store will require 90 minutes the following day to prepare the order. 

What am I supposed to do when I arrive at my pick up location?

When you arrive to your pick up location please prepare the following:
- Please maintain social distancing (2m/6ft.) from all people, at all times.  This includes in the parking lot, lining up, and with Store Associates if allowed in the store.
- when you approach the store door, please have your ID or Store Membership card ready to hold up to show the Store Associate
- Step back from the door 2m (6ft.) to allow the Store Associate to safely place your order outside, or to allow the store associate to let you into the building

What is the convenience fee I see on my order? 

In order to maintain store inventory levels, we are encouraging smaller pick up in store orders be made by offering this service for FREE for all orders smaller than 20.  Any orders with 20 unique items or more, will have a $6.99 + tax convenience fee attached to the order.  We encourage large orders be shipped to your location from our warehouse where there is a larger supply of what you need. 
What is a unique line item? A unique line item is any 1 product. For example, if you ordered 6 bottles of Redken All Soft Shampoo 300ml this would only be considered 1 unique line. 

Can I make changes to my order after it’s been made? Can I refund my order?

At this time, we do not have the capacity to process refunds, or add or remove items to an order after it’s been placed. 

DoorDash FAQ 

Are all Maritime Beauty locations are participating?

No, currently DoorDash is not operating in all communities that Maritime Beauty has store locations.  Currently 15 of Maritime Beauty’s 17 locations participating in Door Dash, these stores are:
-Bayers Lake
-New Minas
-New Glasgow
-Saint John

How do I create an order for DoorDash delivery?

DoorDash delivery will only be available on Maritime Beauty’s online store DoorDash will be presented as a shipping option on orders that are created for same day delivery, assuming other DoorDash conditions are met an example of a DoorDash condition would be having a shipping address within the DoorDash delivery radius. Maritime Beauty and its associated products will not be found on the DoorDash app.

Is DoorDash a paid service?

Yes, DoorDash is a premium same day shipping service and has an associated fee. The fee to use DoorDash will depend on your shipping location. DoorDash fees are very comparable to other shipping alternatives.

What is DoorDash’s service standard?

All DoorDash orders placed during a participating store’s business hours, within 2.5 hours of the stores scheduled closing time will be sent out via DoorDash same day and will be delivered within 2hrs of your preferred store invoicing your order, assuming there is sufficient DoorDash Dasher availability (you will receive an email when your preferred store has invoiced your order).

All DoorDash orders placed after a participating stores business hours, or orders placed during a preferred stores business but with less than 2.5 hours until the stores scheduled close will be delivered next day after your preferred store has invoiced your order (you will receive an email when your preferred store has invoiced your order). All orders being shipped next day will be shipped ASAP, this is most commonly 30 minutes after your preferred stores opening, however in some locations due to DoorDash Dasher availability this may range from 30m - 150m after your preferred stores opening. 

How far will DoorDash deliver?

DoorDash will deliver up to a 24km radius of your preferred store. DoorDash determines if a shipping address is within its shipping territory. If on the checkout page, you see the message “DoorDash isn’t available due to shipping address being out of range” you will not be able to use DoorDash for product delivery. Maritime Beauty has no control over shipping addresses that are rejected by the DoorDash systems.


Are there other restrictions on DoorDash orders?

Yes, there are other restrictions to Door Dash orders that may result in DoorDash being unavailable as a shipping option on the check out page. If your order exceeds 50lbs, is over $2000 in value, contains dangerous or oversized goods then DoorDash will not appear as an option on the check out page when completing a same day order. Messaging will appear notifying you of why DoorDash is not available allowing you to edit your order or choose a different shipping option such as Pick Up In-Store.  


Is DoorDash always available?

Door Dash is available during a store’s operating hours. DoorDash will be unavailable while a store is closed or temporarily shut down, this could include holidays, store renovations, or store staffing conflicts. DoorDash requires Dashers to be available within the territory, occasionally due to Dasher shortages DoorDash will be unavailable.

Does DoorDash offer tracking?

Yes, DoorDash provides excellent SMS tracking and Maritime Beauty requires our clients to participate in DoorDash tracking in order to use DoorDash as a shipping service. After selecting DoorDash as your shipping method on the checkout page for your same day order a box will appear requiring you to enter your mobile phone number for tracking. Without a cell phone number submission, you will be unable to check out via the place order button while DoorDash is still selected as your shipper. DoorDash tracking will begin when the Dasher picks up your order, it will provide updates on where your Dasher is as well as confirmation of when your order has been delivered. DoorDash provides the ability to communicate with your Dasher.

Is a signature required?

No, DoorDash orders will be delivered no signature required. It is the clients responsibility to ensure they are available to retrieve their products at the time of delivery.

What does a DoorDash order flow look like?

After placing your order for DoorDash delivery on you will receive an online store order receipt. Your order will then be printed in your preferred store and the store team will begin preparing your order. When your order is ready for Dasher pick up you will receive an automated email containing your invoice, a Dasher will then be dispatched to pick up your order if it is for same day or a Dasher will be notified to pick up your order on the following business day. When a Dasher picks up your order you will begin to receive SMS tracking messages up until the point of delivery completion.

Can I cancel a DoorDash order?

Unfortunately due to the speed of same day deliveries, once a Dasher has been dispatched to pick up your order you will be unable to cancel your order and must return your unwanted product via Maritime Beauty’s normal return channels.

If my order is undelivered, will I receive the DoorDash fee back as a refund?

Whether or not the DoorDash fee is refunded when completing an order refund depends on the situation that led to the order being undelivered or returned to Maritime Beauty and is up to the sole discretion of our Customer Service Team. In general, if the order is undelivered/returned to Maritime Beauty due to client error (Example: incorrect shipping address, rejection of the order, ect) and Maritime Beauty incurs a fee from DoorDash due to this, the original DoorDash fee will not be refunded to the client. If the order is undelivered/returned to Maritime Beauty due to DoorDash error (Example: vehicle failure, traffic incident, ect) the original DoorDash fee will be refunded to the client.

Can I complete a split-ship DoorDash order?

No, split-ship orders will not be possible with DoorDash. If you wish to complete a split-ship order the store portion of the order must be picked up at your preferred store.

 Who can I contact if there is an issue with my order?

Monday to Friday
8:30am – 5:00pm
Toll Free: 1.800.565.7721
E-mail: [email protected]

I need to change my shipping address on my online store account, how do I do it?

Please email [email protected] to change your shipping address.  When you email, please provide your full name, business name and MBS account number if you have it as well as your old shipping address, and your new one.

Can I just call in my order to the store? 

We are no longer able to accommodate call-in orders to individual store locations.  If you would like to call in your order for delivery, please contact customer service.  All curbside, store pick-up orders must be made through

Monday to Friday

8:30am – 5:00pm
Toll Free: 1.800.565.7721
E-mail: [email protected]

Oversized Items: carries select products that are considered to be oversized. Oversized products are often equipment and will include (OS) in the product title. Occasionally Maritime Beauty will offer free freight promotions on,  oversized products do not qualify for any free shipping promotions and will always include a freight fee. This freight fee will be calculated on the checkout page. If you are building an order with multiple lines of product and one of the products is considered oversized (OS) the entire order will not qualify for free freight.


While shopping with Maritime Beauty, if a discount code or promotional offer is used on the online store it is understood that the promotional offer does not represent a discount of a brands products, but a discount of the Maritime Beauty associated services. All promo codes and special offers are self funded by Maritime Beauty and do not represent a price discount to any manufacture. 

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