What is maritimebeautyshop.com?

We are the E-commerce sales branch of Maritime Beauty. Our site was launched in December 2010 and provides industry professionals across the Maritimes with an alternative shopping experience that is fast, convenient and cost effective.

Why did we launch maritimebeautyshop.com?

We know that our clients are busy professionals. Our online store exists to help save our clients time and money so that they can get back to business.

We want our clients to be able to easily shop what they want, when they want. Did you know that Maritime Beauty stocks over 7,000 items in our warehouse, and our bigger stores only stock up to 45% of the items, while smaller stores stock around 25% of items? Our online store will help you make more informed choices and give you access to products you may not have even knows existed! We believe in Shaping Success Together and giving our clients the opportunity to make the most educated product choices. Online we give our clients the ability to sort like products by price, compare brands and make even more informed decisions before you purchase.

How do online prices compare?

The prices online are equivalent to our quantity break prices – even if you buy in singles! Shop around. You'll be happy to see some of your favorite products available at a lower price online - all the time!

We reserve the right to correct pricing errors.

What products and promotions will be available online?

maritimebeautyshop.com offers Maritime Beauty's largest selection of regularly stocked items. Most flyer promotions, Sale Day items and Clearance items are available online. Save for equipment, special order items are not yet available online. If you have any trouble finding a product you are looking for, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-565-7721

maritimebeautyshop.com frequently runs online only promotions using coupon codes. Promotions range from Free Shipping to deals on your favorite products. Please note that these coupons cannot be combined and are redeemable only via online orders.

What do you charge for shipping?

Shipping on an average order can be as low as $7.75. Since we do not charge handling fees our shipping costs are very reasonable – and much cheaper than a tank of gas! We have recently added new shipping options, and you now have the choice to ship via Midland or Canada Post. If you require a door knocker to be left for you we suggest choosing Canada Post, as Midland will return the package to our warehouse if no one is home to sign for the package.

Who is allowed to shop on maritimebeautyshop.com?

We are a Business to Business site, ie. Distributor to Salon/Spa Professionals ONLY. We sell to professionals living in the Maritime provinces. To access product pricing and actually purchase products, you have to have an existing account with Maritime Beauty. If you are not logged into our site it is still possible to view product pages, read through product descriptions and know what kind of brands and products are available to you in the Maritimes however pricing is obstructed from view.

If you are a certified industry professional without a Maritime Beauty account and would like to shop online please register with your professional license number here and our Accounts Representative will be in touch with you shortly.

How do we control access to the site?

Clients are required to sign up for an account online.  You will need to fill out information that our online accounts representative will verify.  You will receive an email saying that your information has been received and that you will be contacted in 1 to 2 business days with a verification email regarding the unlocking of your account. Please note that when your account is unlocked your username will be your email address and your password will be what you choose upon registering.

Who is allowed to buy what products?

Once you log in, you will only be able to view products that you are allowed to purchase – based on the same guidelines we use throughout Maritime Beauty. We have developed lists of products that can be purchased for each profession – basically everything that pertains to the profession, as well as personal use products from other professions.

Since these are general restrictions, we understand that you may be trained to use products that you may not have access to online. If this is an issue contact our Customer Account Representative at 902-429-8510. They will then verify you purchase history and make changes as necessary.

In the event that an individual abuses access to products online (ex over purchasing personal use items) that customer will be denied access to the online store.