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BioMedika CO2 Lipid Plus Restoring Cream

BioMedika CO2 Lipid Plus Restoring Cream

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This rich emollient day and night cream restores natural hydration to the skin, encouraging moisture retention and natural suppleness. Recommended for those who experience dehydration or lack of resilience in their skin. Great to take care of dry skin caused by environmental factors such as cold weather, as well as chronological aging. 

Recommended for anyone suffering from erythema, inflammation, eczema, barrier repair, or frustrating dry skin

Benefits of CO2 Lipid Plus Restoring Cream:

  • Lightweight cream for all skin types
  • Restores hydration to the skin
  • Great for seasonal changes
  • Repairs oxygen levels, skin barriers, collagen, elastin, and the hyaluronic reservoir
  • Speeds up wound healing

How To Use CO2 Lipid Plus Restoring Cream:

  • Pump onto dry hands after the serum
  • Massage product over face and neck.
  • Decollate until fully absorbed