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Kenra Color Maintenance Conditioner

Kenra Color Maintenance Conditioner

Keep your color vibrant and protect against the most common cause of color fading, by washing your hair! Protect your dyed hair for 35 washes, increasing the longevity of your color and preventing up to 67% of color fading between salon visits. This haircare system is designed to match the pH of your hair, sebum, and scalp. This pH balance reduces frizz, prevents breakage, locks in color, and encourages supple growth.

Benefits of Kenra Color Maintenance Conditioner:

  • Keeps hair vibrant with daily color protection and shine

  • Maintains up to 67% of color between services

  • Protects colored hair for 35 washes

  • pH Balanced

How To Use Kenra Color Maintenance Conditioner:

  • Massage Shampoo into wet hair, add water to lather

  • Rinse

  • Follow with Kenra Color Maintenance Conditioner

  • Remove excess moisture

  • Massage Conditioner into hair

  • Rinse thoroughly