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Does Maritime Beauty accept Product Returns for Salon Customers with a MBS charge account?
Maritime Beauty has a very "liberal" product return policy to support our Clients inventory management needs with specific overstocked items (limited to 25 items).  If you wish to return items to Maritime Beauty, you are responsible to pay the freight charges on all items returned. If the salon ships a return "freight-collect", the freight charges will be deducted from your credit.

Maritime Beauty utilizes the following guidelines for all product returns (excludes discontinued products and packaging):

  • Items returned within 90 days, in resalable condition (no price labels, damaged packaging, etc.) and accompanied with a proof of purchase will be given full credit.
  • Items returned after 90 days, in resalable condition and accompanied by proof of purchase will be restocked and a minimum 20% restocking fee will be charged.
  • Items returned after 12 months, in resalable condition and with proof of purchase, will be restocked with a minimum 30% restocking fee. Non-re-salable items (age, damage, etc) will be returned to you with your next order, at your request.
  • To arrange a product(s) return, please contact MBS Customer Service to get a “Return Authorization Number". Customers will be responsible to pay for freight. MBS will pay freight charges if it is an order correction.
  • Clients are not to return products purchased though their Sales Representative or Customer Service to the local Maritime Beauty Store. These credits must be returned to the Halifax warehouse and the products must be packaged appropriately as the damage is the Client's responsibility.