Buying Smarter = Earning More

Introducing Maritime Beauty’s Special Offers category! The new way to ensure you are receiving the highest level of value for your business supplies!  

As we continue to adapt to working in a world with COVID-19, we understand that your business closures during the mandatory shut down has impacted you financially. Because of this, we have developed this new category on our online store to enable you to buy smarter – ultimately earning a higher return!

Our Special Offers category will have two main components Pre-Pack Offers and Mix & Match Offers!

 Pre-Pack Offers

Maritime Beauty works with our manufactures in order to provide our clients with pre-packed savings!  Pre-Pack Offers work like a normal product on our online store. Simply go to the Special Offers category, select the brand you are interested in, and view the Pre-Pack Offers. Most of these offers show the savings you will get right in the product title! Below is a sample of some current Pre-Pack Offers...

 Mix & Match Offers

Maritime Beauty has recently upgraded our online store to begin offering Mix & Match Offers! Many of you are familiar with our Mix & Match Offers via our traditional print flyer, in-store, through Customer Service or your District Sales Rep.  Now we can offer select Mix & Match Offers online!

Often useful when buying hair color, these offers allow you to pick and choose shades that you need for your salon in order to qualify for the offer. After qualifying for the promotion, the free goods will automatically be added to your cart. Occasionally these free goods will ship from our warehouse (even on a Pick-up in Store order – there will be no shipping charge for the free goods).

For more information view the video below!