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LCN Connex Silver Plus

LCN Connex Silver Plus

Connex Plus is a air drying bonding agent with AM (anti-mycotic) factor. Connex Plus increases the bonding capacity of all light curing resin systems and is non-acidic. Connex is excellent for very dry and/or brittle nails. Connex Silver Plus also adds colloidal silver to nails for its  antifungal properties.  Apply a thin coat of air drying Connex Plus to the cuticle area to provide superior adhesion the sealant needs, and since it is not a "gel" it does not matter if a little hits the cuticles!

-  Beginner friendly, can paint over the cuticles as it is not a "gel"
-  Prevents Lifting
-  Provides adhesion the sealant needs
-  Excellent for sensitive, very dry, brittle nails

How to Use:
-  Apply sparingly to the nail plate using Connex Brush.
-  Allow to air-dry for 1-2 minutes to a chalky finish.