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Schwarzkopf Professional Goodbye Orange Neutralizing Wash

Schwarzkopf Professional Goodbye Orange Neutralizing Wash

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Goodbye Orange Neutralizing Wash is for clients looking to maintain their cool brunette by neutralizing any underlying orange or red tones on medium brown hair, as well as orange and yellow undertones on dark blonde hair. It enhances color intensity while gently cleansing and strengthening hair with integrated Bonding Technology. The unique 4.5pH formulation allows color pigments to adhere to the hair quickly for maximum neutralization. Made with a 100% Vegan Formula

-  Neutralizes orange and red undertones on medium brown to dark blonde hair
-  Enhances color intensity
-  Strengthens hair with integrated Bonding Technology
-  100% Vegan Formula

In-Salon Service
-   Apply as a shampoo on wet hair and leave for up to 5 minutes* depending on technique
-  Rinse hair thoroughly after application
-  Color result and longevity vary depending on hair condition and processing time
-  Use professional gloves and protect clothes, surfaces and skin from staining and discoloration
Home Maintenance
-  Use daily for maximum tonal deposit
-  Use 1-2 times per week for tonal maintenance