Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator
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Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator

Why have 20 products when you can have 1 product that is as powerful as 20. Introducing the Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Hair Treatment. This incredibly versatile treatment primes your hair and primes it for styling. Miracle Creator packs 20 hair beautifying benefits. 
-  Nourishing leave in conditioner 
-  Shine enhancer 
-  Smooths the cuticle, preventing breakage 
-  Moisture Retention 
-  Heat protectant 
-  Anti-Frizz Reduction 
-  Evens our porosity 
-  Minimizes hair damage 
-  Reduces dryness 
-  Controls fly aways 
-  Prevents split ends 
-  Corrects roughness 
-  Protects agaisnt environmental stressors 
-  Imporves manageability and primes hair for styling 

How to Use: 
-  Spray product on towel-dried hair, comb through, style as usual.