Coastal Beauty Silver Package 15% Commission ($99.95 Regular Price)

Interested in increasing your digital presence? Looking for a way to stay connected with your clients after they leave your salon/spa? Coastal Beauty is the ideal platform to stay connected with your client in a truly unique way. Coastal Beauty allows you to retail over 3500 products with zero investment into inventory from all of Maritime Beauty's major brands. Coastal Beauty enables your clients to browse through your product offering from the comfort of their own home. Coastal Beauty not only provides you with your very own Branded Online Store (E-Commerce Website) but also access to free monthly social media content. Maritime Beauty's Online Store Team will handle all website updates, creation of over 200 monthly promotions, creation of unique weekly promotions, shipping, returns, customer service, and more--All at No Charge. After paying the initial start-up fee for either the Gold or Silver package, there will be no hidden or monthly fees. 

Get Started with Coastal Beauty today! After purchasing the Silver Coastal Beauty package our Coastal Beauty Representative will contact you to schedule a brief 5-10 minute welcome phone call where all essential information will be collected, after that you will be entered into our Coastal Beauty Welcome Series (a collection of videos which will convey all essential information!) By purchasing the Silver Coastal Beauty package you are agreeing to be paid commissions quarterly at the specified Silver Package commission rate of 15% which will be paid onto your Maritime Beauty account. 

Why Coastal Beauty?

Current Industry Issues:
1. Consumers traditionally visit their salon every 6 -10 weeks and purchase less than 5% of their
    beauty products at the salon.
2. Consumers today crave a broad selection of products and categories, however the average 
    salon stocks limited retail products.
3. Trends show a steadily increasing percentage of consumers prefer an online shopping experience. It is difficult for independent salons to access the resources, number of products, and expertise to  develop a friendly e-commerce solution.

The Solution:
1. allows 24 hour access, convenient shipping/returns, and uninterrupted client loyalty.
2. will over 3500 retail items giving your clients access to the products they 
    crave at the click of a button.
3. provides a turnkey e-commerce solution equipped with monthly promotions, first       order and reorder purchase incentives, and excellent customer service.
- Purchases are linked to the salon or spa to ensure a commission is earned
- Convenient salon/spa specific access code to link your clients to and your salon logo
- Field exists to enter the “Beauty Professional’s” name
- Over 200 monthly promotions
- Convenient product returns and exchange
- High quality customer service and support
- Maritime Beauty is a trusted salon/spa partner that is committed to your e-commerce success 

This product is available for purchase online and in these select store locations:
*Please note that our inventory may fluxuate with purchases and that you may wish to call ahead to your local store to check on item availability.