Matrix Biolage FiberStrong Shampoo
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Biolage FiberStrong Shampoo

Biolage FiberStrong Shampoo is the perfect solution for fragile hair that is prone to damage and breaking. Formulated with Intra-CylaneTM plus bamboo and ceramide, this strengthening shampoo works to cleanse and repair hair, leaving it stronger and more resilient. When used with the FiberStrong Conditioner, your hair is more conditioned. The results speak for themselves as this shampoo is known to make hair x12 stronger after just one application. 

-  Strengthens fragile hair prone to breakage 
-  High-quality ingredients cleanse and repair hair
-  Hair can be x12 stronger after just one use
-  Best results when used with FiberStrong Conditioner 

How To Use:
-  Massage into wet hair in a massaging motion and leave on 1-3 minutes
-  Rinse hair and pair with a Biolage Conditioner
-  For better results, we recommend pairing the FiberStrong Shampoo with the FiberStrong Conditioner